27 Feb 2014

The zebra, rhino and science fiction

My folks live next to the Crocodile River in Mpumamalanga South Africa, the river is also the border between themselves at Marlot Park and the Kruger National Park.

As you can imagine there are many animals and it is wild territory, with many dangerous snakes too, like the black mamba and vividly green boomslang.

In the morning wild hogs and many types of buck visit the waterhole.

I wonder how natural climate and human made climate change will effect this wilderness in future decades.

The beauty and wildness of Africa must be preserved for all of the world, it is truelly one of our great heritage sites.

The poaching and cruel slaughter of rhino increases year after year, and perhaps we will have to resort to genetic engineering to save the species in the not far future.

Click for more about the cruelty of rhino poaching

26 Feb 2014

Still alive and back on Chemo

Can't believe I'm still alive, I should have been dead by now.

I guess the steroids and new chemo treatment is prolonging my life, I'm grateful for the reprieve I have lost my right eye to a tumor.

Reading is slow and a big effort.

I am reading Orbus by Neal Asher.

I've been on steroids since September 2011 and I've gained a lot of weight.

I've gone from 60kg to 98kg, I am slow, tired and uncomfortable, but happy to alive lol

30 Sep 2012

Three strokes, two tumours removed one on each side of brain. Permanent damage: physically unbalanced, and not as mentally agile as before. Gamma knife radiation ten intense sessions. Large scars on my skull, my hair will not be growing back for a while. Still reading SF, but I have noticed that good and hard SF is becoming rare. Many SF movies made in last two years - most them are absolute trash.

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