30 Oct 2004

stringing beads

The old year is rushing by and it's that mad time of the year.

It was a beautiful day in Cape Town today, Jes and I went to Beads
for Africa in Longstreet. We had a pub lunch and stopped for feathers at Bayside.

I enjoy stringing the beads,each string is unique and it's
very rewarding.

My good friend came to visit and we had a lovely day, eating,
chatting and relaxing together. We see each other about once
every 8 weeks, so it's always an occasion !

23 Oct 2004

bicycle accident

Tron and JJ went up the hill with their mountainbikes and raced
down the dirt road, Tron hit a hole and went crashing down with
his head first. He was unconscious for a while and then JJ turned
back and got him up. He regained consciousness and tried to call
me on his cell, but couldn't work his cell correctly, so they walked

He arrived home in a terrible state, the left hand side of his face
was all grazed away and several places all over his body too.
He was in shock, and could not function normally. He was taken
the doctor and had his wounds treated and received medication
for shock and concussion.

It's a few hours later, and Tron is fine, his memory is returning, but
he still can't remember falling off his bike.

His head and body hurts, but he'll be fine.

17 Oct 2004

Stormy weather

The storm that hit Cape Town early in October 2004,
was quite vicious. Sheets of rain and destructive winds
forced me to climb into the large old pepper tree to
retrieve my two pet chickens from their petrified
clinging to the branch.

So there I was in the height of the storm climbing
into the tree, sailing the branches on my tummy so
to speak, with a large plastic bag in hand, I deftly
got the two chickens into the bag and passed it
down to Jan, then sailed back down the branches,
soaked and scratched with a hurt back.

I was Jess's hero and I slept much better for it too.

8 Oct 2004

incapable lifeform

like the old philosophers
we sit around thinking
our heart beats ununified

unknowingly we strangle
the strange creative
confirming laws
long of no use

we yearn for freedom
and it dwells in our heads
in our bodies, the universe
yet we grasp it not

laughter echos hollow
through the spirals of time
tears evaporate
as if they never existed

whilst we sit and think
atoms move, matter expands
our mind and time
withering senile

in our petty consciousness
our nano moment of life
we achieve nothing
our purpose null

aah, but still, to live
is a marvel unsurpassed
an explosion of brilliance
so very bright

the textures of life
mutating in varience
anything is possible
we are frozen, astonished
disabled to alternate dimensions

understanding glimmering faintly
that no one thing stands alone
and that around here
all is one

delightful universe

poem by myself
*Vyg Fynbos 1998

2 Oct 2004

Natural Beauty

Whilst visiting my mom and dad in the african bush near the Crocodile River opposite the Kruger National Park in Southern Africa, I encountered a profusion of wild life. Giraffes, large
lizards, crocodiles, kudu, impala and rooibok antelope, wild bush pigs, and zebras.

During my stay there were two armed robberies in the nearby vicinity. A gang of seven men armed with Ak47's held up two seperate groups of people who were enjoying an afternoon braai (barbecue).

This is not unusual and fortunately the gang did not shoot anyone, but only robbed them of everything that had value, including food and beverages.

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