31 Jan 2009

Forum language use

Forum Decorum: Posting styles and language use

It seems as if the younger generation have incorporated these words as every-day words into their vocabulary and don't see them as words that should be censored.

Words like fuck, cunt, shit are simply adjectives and add flavour to their language.

I personally don't care whether people cuss or not, the way people use language, evolves constantly and it does not define who they are, it is simply creative expression and it leaves room for language freestyling which enriches our urban culture.

I've noticed that the older folks have their own way of being creative/expletive in their language use.

Setting a forum scene:

It's another ordinary day on the forum, members are coming and going and posting as the morning progresses into afternoon.

A popular thread has everyone on a roll, except for one member who keeps posting negative and predatory remarks, spoiling the discussion for everyone else.

This member is a regular, who contributes to many posts, but has been moaning a lot more in recent weeks, as they spiral into a pit of negativity.

Individual responses you could expect: This illustrates the different responses and language use you often encounter, note how effective the expletives are.

Please stop moaning all the time, it's creating a negative vibe and we've had enough of it now, thank you.

Listen here birdbrain, go back to kindergarden if you wanna moan like a baby - go suck a dummy asswipe !

Stop moaning, you make me sick !

Your moaning is boring, you're boring, get a life weasle.

Listen here brainless retard, your constant whinging is pathetic - now shut-the-fuck-up !

If you moan once more, you will regret it.

I've had enough of your constant nagging, if you have nothing positive to say, keep quiet.

Why are you always moaning, it's irritating and boring, everyone has problems, what makes you special ?

Listen here fuckface, your fucking whining is pissing me off- now fuck-off and complain to the magistrate !

Your negative outlook and predatory comments are indicitive of someone drunk on their own shit.

Your bitterness is becoming unbearable, go see a psychologist.

(written after taking part in language use poll on NAG forum)

22 Jan 2009

Honouring Frederik Pohl

Some of my books by Frederik Pohl

I came across Frederik Pohl's blog on Neal Asher's blog, and immediately opened another page to read about one of my favourite oldskool science fiction authors.

After reading a while, I found myself with tears streaming down my face, so very sentimental, crying for the death of Arthur C Clarke and all the good things that will pass, very nostalgic, and maybe the fact that I am going through a difficult time on a personal level.

Even though I've read thousands of SF books, it never tires me, and to honour Frederik Pohl I will make 2009 the year in which I get hold of all his books I do not own or have read yet.

Being a serious and dedicated sf reader is the greatest fun I've ever had, I highly recommend it !

17 Jan 2009

Marrow by Robert Reed

Marrow by Robert Reed

Marrow is the one recent (current decade) science fiction book I would recommend to new readers of science fiction. I read Marrow in 2001 and again in 2005.

I can imagine how confusing it must be for sf-n00bs when they have to make choices about what to read from a variety of superb authors, none of which they've read before.

If you want a kickstart, a rollercoaster ride into the amazing and totally awesome world of science fiction, read Marrow by Robert Reed.

This highly intelligent novel will introduce you to a variety of current topics and concepts in science fiction.

Blow your mind wide open by the scope and magnitude of the concepts, ideas, and incredible wit and visions from Robert Reed in Marrow.

Once you have read Marrow you will be left with a yearning for more.
Highly recommended and with highest honours, this is a rare book.

From the backflap of the book:

The ship is home to a thousand alien races and a near-immortal crew who have no knowledge of its origins or purpose. At its core lies a secret as ancient as the universe.

It is about to be unleashed.

Marrow by Robert ReedMarrow by Robert Reed

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