24 Aug 2010

Russian Science Fiction

Vasili Vasilievich Golovachov born 1948, is a modern Russian science fiction writer, he writes both hard science fiction and sci-fi/fantasy fusion.

I have just watched The Interceptor, this Russian scifi movie comes with english sub-titles and is based on Golovachovs books The Interceptor & Smersk-2 from his The Forbidden Reality series.

The movie is directed by Konstantin Maximov and produced by Julia Orlova and Vasiliy Golovachov.

This movie is excellent and I highly recommend it, it is now available for rental in our dvd rental stores.(in South Africa)

A counter-intelligence agent and hand-to-hand fighting expert, called the interceptor, is aided by 'People of the Light' from another reality, to combat a corrupted bureaucracy and a dark alien from another reality.

The Russians see things differently and have a refreshing influence, especially since one mostly reads Western (British and American) science fiction.


List of works of author Vasiliy Golovachov

* The Beast's Gospel ("Евангелие от зверя") series
o The Beast's Lair ("Логово зверя")
o The Exodus of the Beast ("Исход зверя")
o The Taming of the Beast ("Укрощение зверя")

* The Forbidden Reality ("Запрещенная реальность") series
o The Loner" ("Одиночка")
o SMERSH-2 ("Смерш-2")
o The Interceptor ("Перехватчик")
o Third-Level Trouble ("Разборки третьего уровня")
o Breaking the Evil ("Излом зла")
o Exterminator of the Law ("Истребитель закона")
o Tornado ("Смерч")
* Catharsis ("Катарсис") series
o And the Retribution Is with Me (Man of Combat) ("И возмездие со мною [Человек боя]")
o Battlefield ("Поле боя")
o The Fight Is not Eternal ("Бой не вечен")
o I Guarantee Life ("Гарантирую жизнь")

* Don't Wake the Sleeping Genies ("Не будите спящих джиннов") series
o The Sleeping Genie ("Спящий джинн")
o The Cemetery of Genies ("Кладбище джиннов")
o The War with Genies ("Война с джиннами")
o The Return of the Genie ("Возвращение джинна")

* The Saviors of the Fan ("Спасатели Веера") series
o The Envoy ("Посланник") – Nikita Sukhov is an unintentinoal witness of the liquidation of the Envoy of the Forces of Light on Earth. Barely escaping alive himself, he realizes that he is now a target of the otherworldly assassins and can die at any moment. His only choice is to accept the challenge and become the new Envoy on the dangerous Path of the Sword in the Worldfan.
o The Deliverer ("Избавитель") – the collapse of the Worldfan threatens to destroy every living thing in the Multiverse. The heroes have an uneasy task ahead of them - to face the forces of Darkness and cross the chrons of the Fan. They must fight treacherous enemies, including Lucifer himself, aid the Seven Mages in their struggle against the Great Igvas, and prevent the Evil from altering all reality.

* Relict ("Реликт") series
o Unforeseen Meetings ("Непредвиденные встречи")
o Relict. Volume I ("Реликт. Том 1")
o The Coming ("Пришествие")
o The Return of the Wandering Constructor ("Возвращение блудного Конструктора")
o Children of Eternity ("Дети Вечности")
o Counter-intelligence ("Контрразведка")
o The Law of Change ("Закон перемен")
o The Absolute Player ("Абсолютный игрок")

* The Solo on the Broken String ("Соло на оборванной струне")

* The Vague Time ("Смутное время") series
o The Scourge of Times ("Бич времен")
o Skhron ("Схрон")
o The Executioner of Times ("Палач времен")
o Magatsitls ("Магацитлы")

* The Adventures of Denis Molodtsov ("Приключения Дениса Молодцова")

* RTH, or Rule of Times of Harmony ("ВВГ, или Власть Времен Гармонии")

* To the Time of My Tears ("Ко времени моих слёз")

* Special Control ("Особый контроль")

* Regulum ("Регулюм")

* The Ruthless ("Беспощадный")

* The Masters ("Владыки")

* Demon ("Демон")

* Death Preserve ("Заповедник смерти")

* Kali Yuga ("Калиюга")

* Can Opener ("Консервный нож")

* The Corrector ("Корректировщик")

* Cryptozoy ("Криптозой")

* Deviation to Perfection ("Отклонение к совершенству")

* The Piranhas ("Пираньи")

* The Black Force ("Черная сила")

* The Black Time ("Черное время")

* The Black Man ("Черный человек")

* Sentenced to Light ("Приговоренные к свету")

* The Tree of Disappearing Times ("Древо исчезающих времен")

* The Edge of the World ("Край света")

* Fight without Rules ("Бой без правил")

* The War of Realities ("Война реальностей")

* Contacts of the Special Kind ("Контакты особого рода")

* The Face of the Demon ("Лик беса")

* The Rules of Combat ("Правила боя")

* The Predicted ("Предсказанное")

* The Heart of the Universe ("Сердце Вселенной")

* The Seekers of Death ("Искатели смерти")

* On the Other Side of the Fire ("По ту сторону огня")

* The Phantasms ("Фантазмы")

* Who Are We? Why Are We? The Experiment of Transpersonal Perception ("Кто мы? Зачем мы? Опыт трансперсонального восприятия")

* The Land of Wonders ("Земля чудес")

* The Devil's Fire Extinguisher ("Огнетушитель дьявола")

* Invasion into Reality ("Вторжение в реальность")

* Ultimatum ("Ультиматум")

* The Fourth Dimension ("Четвертое измерение")

* The Silver Time ("Серебряное время")

* The Masters of Reality ("Владыки реальности")

* The Extinguishers of the Suns ("Гасители солнц")

* Overcoming the Impossible ("Преодоление невозможного")

* Chronotwist ("Хроновыверт")

* The Compressed Spring ("Сжатая пружина")

* The Beyond ("Запределье")

* Requiem to the Time Machine ("Реквием машине времени")

* The Divinator ("Прорицатель")

* The War of Absolutes ("Война абсолютов")

* Playing with Fire ("Игра с огнем")

9 Jun 2010

Celebrating Africa

From the southern tip of Africa comes the sound of a thousand horns, as Africa celebrates as world cup host.

To forever capture the vibrant mood of Africans everywhere, especially on the streets of South Africa as the country swings into full gear to welcome the world to her bosom, I have written this short short story.

Emo Hack

W00t, guys check this out, I hacked a holo, a snatch of a conversation between two distant lab rats getting all emo about an old ship.

"The immense ship lit up the night sky, dwarfing the moon.

It was an incredible spectacle. The Stadium was clearly visible, we could see the playing field.

I was in Soweto when the ship arrived, it was the 11th of June 2310, I'll never forget how it glinted in the sky.

The excitement and feeling of expectation was feverish, all over the planet people gathered outside, looking up at the sky, waiting to get a glimpse of the most beautiful star ship we had ever seen, The Madiba Paladin."

"Eish Siphokazi, that's a while ago, which Planets were playing ?"

"It was Earth versus Mars, but The Madiba Paladin had come all the way from the outer solar system from Titan. She was the most elegant star ship ever built at the time, in a class of her own.

She stretched across the sky With a length of 65 kilometers, and the Transparent Stadium Dome was fixed to her spine like a shield to a spear.

The Dome itself was beyond imagination, The Stadium sat in the center of a green oasis, surrounded by parks, lakes, hotels, whole neighbourhoods and entertainment and administration villages."

Nkosana laughs heartily, "That sounds like the standard public transport we use around Outer Titan these days all right !

The Titan shipyards are impressive, but our AI's are far more impressive than anything I can think of, Seventeen AI's have manifested in The Cradle over the last 200 years, and without their help, we would never have managed to thrive out there in the Outer."

"Well, Earth won the game, and the celebrations lasted a long time, apparently there's a scorch mark visible from earth on the moon, where some Martian fans dug an artificial crater, and attached a huge gas filled disposable stick-on dome and lit it, the thing went off, scaring the shit out of all of us, moon and earthlings, eish, heady days those."

"Anyway listen, reason why I holo'd was to invite you to the opening of the Vuvuzela Stargate end of this decade, if you can make it in person, there's something interesting I'd like to show you, here in the lab."

"Okie Dokie, will do, Tembi just waved and said I must give regards, sik."

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