21 Aug 2004

Watching nature

It is apparent that global weather change is in effect around the southern tip of Africa.
Some of the trees are budding and last year's leaves have not all fallen yet.

16 Aug 2004

Blue Monday

After reading the newspapers, I as per usual, fell into a gloomy mood,
considering all the horrifying murder, mayhem and rape here in
South Africa.

It is not easy being an educated civilised person in a country as violent
as this one.

I've been here for 37 years now, and I don't see it getting any better.
Africa is for Africans, not for any else.

14 Aug 2004

Anticipating a book

After finishing Peter.F.Hamilton's 'Pandora's Star' I was irked to see it was a series, with Ozzie
tumbling over a giant waterfall, which is obviousely another Silfen path. I look forward to the
continued event.

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