8 Dec 2008

Reading Frenzy

Three books to sweep me off to the stars, to meet wonderful lifeforms, experience galaxy spanning battles and to bare witness to and to partake in the genius and imagination of the science fiction writer.

I will relish every word beloved authors, and thank you.

It's a most beautiful summers day here at the southern tip of Africa,
deep blue skies, sunny, oh so amiable and inspiring.

It's good to be alive, regardless of the fact that the world is going for a ball
of shit and the shit is about to hit the fan (relatively speaking).

19 Sep 2008

Long cold wet Cape Town winter 2008

This current winter (May - September 2008)has been very wet and cold, frequent and hard rain has filled up all the dams across the Western Cape and probably the underground water lakes as well - is this another tiny hint to what is in store when global warming is in full swing ?

So it's been wet and cold with snowfalls on the higher peaks and fortunately there has been enough energy (electricity) to keep us smiling through most of it - nice one Eskom.

This photo is taken driving towards Franschoek from Stellenbosch in the Cape Province of South Africa.

20 May 2008

Burning people alive

Once again I am confronted by the most vicious, cruel acts of my fellow countrymen.

These people can only be called savage and barbarian, how else can one describe such uncivil behaviour.

Rampant violence and hatred, I can only beg people from around the world not to come to South Africa and the world cup in 2010, the chances that you will be mugged, knived, shot, raped or set alight is very very high.

The inability of Pres Mbeki to govern South Africa can no longer be excused, he must go, the crimes he has committed against Southern Africans are many, from aids denial to supporting Mugabe in Zimbabwe and refusing to root out extreme corruption and greed in his government.

Pres Mbeki is a failure, out of touch with his people, indoctrinated, malinformed and shows a lack of insight and vision that is so typical of African leaders.

South Africa is rushing down the path of destruction as the country literally starts falling to pieces; there is no reading or learning culture in africa, only a culture of burning, pillaging, theft, rape and hatred of anyone who dares to be different, and I am not just saying this, this is what I am seeing, experiencing, having to live with and deal with on a daily basis, as vicious crime, rape, theft and hijackings spiral out of control.

Nobody is safe in South Africa. I am a prisoner in my country.

South Africa is failing, the path to poverty and violence is set.

I am so disappointed.

16 Feb 2008

Tribal Wars | World 12 K75 | The Rim

Mars in the Milky Way.Photo taken by Greg Bock.
Mars in the Milky Way.The planet Mars glows like a brilliant burning ember amongst the Milky Way stars of the Scorpion. Note the smaller glowing red star beneath Mars known as Antares. Dark lanes of dust between the stars of the Milky Way obscure the light of the stars behind. Taken through a 50mm lens.All photos Copyright Greg Bock.

Orbital Scribe

The Illusion of War on the Rim
World 12 archives.


With the incredible advancement
of nanotech and biosciences,
humans have managed to get
their foot in the door
to exploring the local galaxy.

A small team is resident on Phobos
to do research on Kleeches
(lifeforms that corrode metals
and plastics).

Live Kleeches are taken from Phobos
in special containers for penetrative
research, Kleeches are hard to catch,
the work is dangerous,
the environment is deadly.

The Rim Wars
Humans come up against the
deadly and brutal enemies
of the Kleeches.

I've moved the rest of the Story and will continue with it in due course.


28 Jan 2008

year 2008 bad start

south africans had a rude awaking to the new year and next decade with the shocking news that the country has run out of electricity.

so we buy candles, connect gas stoves, cuss and curdle when the power shuts off and grin and bare it.

racial tension in the country mounts as a lone madman guns down township dwellers set in contrast to thousands of innocent south africans killed in the last few years..the south african killing fields ?
- when will the SA Police get their act together and get a grip on crime?

as darkness descends on south africa, hopes of hosting the world cup fades, people becoming depressed and a feeling of hopelessness settles over the country, we are very disappointed in the south african government and the ANC.

crooks, charlatans, fraudsters, murderers, rapists flourish and after sunset, ordinary people cower in their homes, afraid to venture outside.

the shocking news of Kenia's civil unrests, reminding us just how quickly civil war and chaos can break out and south africans shudder at the possibility that it could happen here too.

the mess/war/famine in Zimbabwe further deepening the overall feelings of pessimism and true african blues.

the long road to the dark ages in south africa has been set in tar, and this road we must walk, we have no choice, nowhere to run, or hide.

how can zuma be the best candidate for our presidency ? - he's uneducated, cannot read, is superstitious and agrees with mugabe and was accused of rape too
- oh hell, the devil just loves africa.

my once postive attitude has corroded, i no longer want to be here, but how can i run when our beds are burning ?

there is no god, and africa is not blessed, the big fat lie

when all else fails, duck and cover

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