28 May 2007

Afrikaners can be so common at times

This past weekend I went to the cinema in Stellenbosch Mall to see Pirates of The Caribbean3, with my family. (you've got to love Keith Richards, he didn't need much make-up either)The movie was good entertainment, but the people with me in the cinema
were noisy.

The couple to my left were extremely irritating, they made loud comments, she chewed her massive box of popcorn with an open mouth, it was so distracting that after 30 minutes I ventured to tell her so, she ignored me and chewed on even louder than before. She also moved about so much that the whole row of seats was constantly moving.

Other people in the cinema, talked loudly and had conversations on their cellphones. These are people from the same cultural group as myself, namely afrikaners. It was then that I realised and not for the first time, that I really don't want to be associated with them. I do not agree with their political views, religious fanatacism, choice of music, rugby madness, brandy & coke drinking loudmouthed brashness - in short, I find them quite common.

In Stellenbosch village I have seen afrikaners wearing t-shirts, loudly declaring:
"If you don't speak afrikaans, shut your mouth" (in afrikaans of course) I think it is a disgusting message in lieu of the fact that we are living in a country with
an appalling history of bigotry and racism where 11 languages are spoken, of
which afrikaans really is a minority language.


Magriet said...

I have had horrible experiences with Afrikaners, from the guy at the service station refusing to replace my clutch (this while I have a sterling credit record and could easily pay, and subsequently did two days later, but at BNS - it was all about his wanting to humiliate me, never mind the lost business which was not even his), to the Afrikaans jeweller who did lousy work but refused to fix it, to the Afrikaans computer technician who said he was so much better at his job than any black technician, but knowingly replaced my Pentium CPU with a lousy Celeron CPU, and what a hassle it was getting the Pentium CPU replaced.

Honest the Afrikaner is not.

I also experienced a similar incident of Afrikaans women at the local Eastgate cinema talking loudly just behind me. When I asked them to quieten down a bit they told me to shut the f*** up myself, they had paid for their tickets, they could do what they bleddy well like.

I have come to the conclusion that Afrikaners are a disgusting, crude aberration. A dirty blot on the face of the human race. They were never friendly to anyone outside their own circles before, but after 1994 they have become impossible. For the sake of my sanity, I prefer not to do business with them at all.

Anonymous said...

please don't judge all afrikaners by the vast majority, a minority of us can be kind considerate tolerant and even have a sense of humour though were very thin on the ground

Wrathex said...

Of course I don't judge, I was just venting a bit.

Ek stem saam dat meeste Afrikaners nie so is nie.

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