17 Jun 2007

Mid Winter Blues

precious books

Just finished reading Romanitas by Sophia McDougall,
A futuristic novel of the Roman Empire Today, this was
an easy read, with a love story within the central storyline,
tying together the political struggle for change and
the abolishment of slavery and crucification.

I found my lost book, The Skinner by Neal Asher, I was
tidying my library and noticed that it was missing.
I searched everywhere for weeks, and recently I
opened a cupboard stuffed with partie hats and the
book came tumbling onto my head.

I am reading Perdido Street Station by China Mieville at the
moment and I am pleasantly surprised, it is a very
good read, with lots of innovative ideas and
characters, I highly recommend it to the established
SF reader who has come across every conceivable
idea in their readings before, if you have not read
Perdito Street Station, go and get a copy now !

Today I purchased two new books, The Prefect by
Alastair Reynolds and Un Dun Dun by China Mieville,
I'll be tucking into them soon.

I promised my kids I'll read Stephen King's Cell
when I finish reading Perdido Street Station, so
I'll have to gobble it, before I read The Prefect.

It's been a rather wet and cold winter in Cape Town
this year, just like I remember from my childhood.


Neal Asher said...

You lost my book?

Wrathex said...

but eventually it found
it's way home

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