16 Feb 2008

Tribal Wars | World 12 K75 | The Rim

Mars in the Milky Way.Photo taken by Greg Bock.
Mars in the Milky Way.The planet Mars glows like a brilliant burning ember amongst the Milky Way stars of the Scorpion. Note the smaller glowing red star beneath Mars known as Antares. Dark lanes of dust between the stars of the Milky Way obscure the light of the stars behind. Taken through a 50mm lens.All photos Copyright Greg Bock.

Orbital Scribe

The Illusion of War on the Rim
World 12 archives.


With the incredible advancement
of nanotech and biosciences,
humans have managed to get
their foot in the door
to exploring the local galaxy.

A small team is resident on Phobos
to do research on Kleeches
(lifeforms that corrode metals
and plastics).

Live Kleeches are taken from Phobos
in special containers for penetrative
research, Kleeches are hard to catch,
the work is dangerous,
the environment is deadly.

The Rim Wars
Humans come up against the
deadly and brutal enemies
of the Kleeches.

I've moved the rest of the Story and will continue with it in due course.


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