20 May 2008

Burning people alive

Once again I am confronted by the most vicious, cruel acts of my fellow countrymen.

These people can only be called savage and barbarian, how else can one describe such uncivil behaviour.

Rampant violence and hatred, I can only beg people from around the world not to come to South Africa and the world cup in 2010, the chances that you will be mugged, knived, shot, raped or set alight is very very high.

The inability of Pres Mbeki to govern South Africa can no longer be excused, he must go, the crimes he has committed against Southern Africans are many, from aids denial to supporting Mugabe in Zimbabwe and refusing to root out extreme corruption and greed in his government.

Pres Mbeki is a failure, out of touch with his people, indoctrinated, malinformed and shows a lack of insight and vision that is so typical of African leaders.

South Africa is rushing down the path of destruction as the country literally starts falling to pieces; there is no reading or learning culture in africa, only a culture of burning, pillaging, theft, rape and hatred of anyone who dares to be different, and I am not just saying this, this is what I am seeing, experiencing, having to live with and deal with on a daily basis, as vicious crime, rape, theft and hijackings spiral out of control.

Nobody is safe in South Africa. I am a prisoner in my country.

South Africa is failing, the path to poverty and violence is set.

I am so disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I just came across this blog of yours from the NAG forums. I agree wholeheartedly with your views on what is happening in South Africa at the moment.

Don't worry about people coming to the World Cup in 2010 as FIFA would not host a the WC in a country which is filled with turmoil and hate-crimes.

It's called Karma, they'll get their own back one day in some way or another. Until then we as South Africans have to sit tight and prey for the best, hopefully one of these days it will all be over and the people responsible for those actions will have to think and reflect upon themselves if their actions were rightfully justified.

I like the blog, keep it up :)


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