20 Feb 2009

Reading Spots

Reader spots

This is my spot.

I read here, I use the pillows to fascilitate different positions and I often use the green pillow to rest books on.

I've on occasion had to nurse painful arms, after a lifetime of heavy reading.

I weighed Neal Asher's books, aah yes, if only he knew he was not only exercising our imaginations but also our arms and wrists!

Line of Polity 787
Voyage of The Sable Keech 667
Brassman 654
Gridlinked 598
The Gabble 459
Prador Moon 322
Polity Agent 301
Hilldiggers 290

Total 4078 grams

Below are the books I weighed:
From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne weighed in at 97 grams.
is Science Fiction getting heavier ? oh yea baby !

weights of Neal Asher books

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Neal Asher said...

Wow! Excellent stuff!

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