22 Jul 2009

about Readers

One of the great advantages a good & fast reader has over others is the ability to scan (speedread) vast amounts of information in a short time and the ability to dismiss the crap from the real stuff.

Finding your way through the neverending supply of information now flowing constantly into the net, can be a nightmare if you don't understand how the system works.

The key to this vital source of information is the correct and clever use of keywords or now more commonly known online as tags or labels.

Experienced readers who frequent the hallways of cyberspace and who tread their way through the maze that is the greatest library of mankind, glow as they put their oldworld skills to good use and shifting into gear, they kick dust in the eyes of the lazy reader in the slow lane.

The treachery of the net is subtle, readers are subjected to every form of distraction imaginable, words become traps, little wormholes spawn and one minute you're in Cape Town reading about Pratley Putty glue being used on the Apollo XI mission, and the next you're way out in the solar system, watching an earth sized object impact Jupiter.

Life has never been this good.

I harbour a secret fear for the book. I know the time has come, within decades the wooden book will no longer be mainstream, I have had such an incredible love affair with books, I'm already grieving.

Books are word wormholes. The Writer creates the worlds that bring the word universe into existence, the reader purchases a ticket to travel; a book.

Books offer an offline experience.
There are no distractions.
The reader enters the universe of the Writer.
Full wireless and techfree natural immersion can be attained.
Remember this as we hurtle towards our digital selves.

My multiple universe of Writers are varied and I have my favourites,
with me, once a favourite, always a favourite, it's a longterm relationship.

So, for my love of books, I like to photograph them, there is a remote chance that at least a digital image could survive heh ! (paper definately not)

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Currently Reading

a Larry Niven, almost finished, just finished the top white book, a Journal of the Flood Year by David Ely and halfway with The Execution Channel by Ken MacLeod.

What are you reading ?


Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

Count Sessine said...

Hi Wrathex,
Great blog!
Keep up the good work.
I've just come here via " The Skinner".
I read " The Gabble" a few weeks ago.

All gold - Neal Asher is probably my fave Sci-fi writer.

Of course i wish all the stories were longer but.. oh well.

Looking at your posts I see you also have good taste!

plaasjaapie is also on the mark -

The nights dawns trilogy is great.
In fact all Peter F Hamiltons stuff is damn good.

All the best.
Count Sessine.

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