21 Nov 2004

Excited about camping trip

Myself, my good friend and Jess will be going to a
Vortex Trance party in Rawsonville on 4 December,I
am extremely excited about it.

It will be great to get away from home and to be with
people I enjoy being with.

My marriage has flat-lined for about 2 years now, and
life at home has become boring in the sense that I'm
always there, I maintain most of the tasks that need
to be done and my spouse has no interest in who I am
or what I do, what I enjoy and so on.

Why stay in the marriage ?
I don't have the energy or inclination to go through
a messy divorce, or to have my son be parted from his
dad. I also enjoy the security the marriage offers me
in terms of financial stability.

Furthermore I'm really not interested in another
relationship or other men for that matter.

Better the devil you know, even if he's distant.
He's a nice and decent enough guy anyway, it's just
that he's a workaddict and not willing to have a
more intimate relationship with me on an emotional
or spiritual level.

I have resigned myself to this, by justifying that
one cannot have everything one needs.

I keep myself busy with reading, beading, gardening,
raising the children, taking care of the birds, the
cat, cooking and maintaining my several websites.

My knowledge of the world, people, society and so on,
has become so vast, that I find myself alone on an
intellectual level.

Wisedom cannot be wished away and in my case has found
a quiet repose.

Though my thoughtstructures differ (being bipolar) from
most others, I am still able to draw both logical and
rational conclusions and more metaphysical conclusions,
like seeing patterns in mainstream human society.

Thankfully I have two highly intelligent children that
bring me a lot of pleasure, and whom I am sure have a lot
to offer in terms of contributing to humanity, albeit it
be a drop in the vast ocean.

I wish I had an AI to keep me company.

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