27 Nov 2004

Living with pain

The pain in my arms are keeping me awake at night.
I went to see a chriropracter earlier this week,
it was a very strange event, and I feel that I
wasted R145. The chiropracter talked about god
and gave me some information and rough
sketches fit for an embecile. I walked out of
his office 30 minutes later feeling frustrated
and furious at his religious dogma, with as
much pain and discomfort as before, I will not
recommend him.

I have not been sleeping well in the last week or
so, waking up with excruciating pain in my shoulders
down to my arms. It's making me irritable.

I've been through several medical checks to source
the pain, and the results came up with zero, I've
been told that I'm manifesting the pain myself,
due to stress, I don't agree as my dad and his
brother have the same problems.

Anyway, I had a stall at our village Xmas festival,
but won't be doing the stall thing again. Sitting
around waiting to sell a paltry item, is not my
idea of fun. I'm glad I tried it though.

I look forward to the Vortex camp next week and will
write a nice little article about it.

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