6 Nov 2004

The new girl in town

A new family moved into our village. The mother of five, whom
I shall not name, has within a few months had flings with three
married men, and has had numerous one night stands.

Her children aged from 8 to 16 are ashamed of her.

In a small village such as ours, she won't feel welcome
for very long, as people around here have a way of
excommunicating one quickly.

I don't condemn her behaviour, individuals have a right to
behave as they wish, but I do pity her children.

The infamous Cape doctor is blowing and my garden is sucked
dry within an hour. Cape Town has water restrictions this
summer, and my indiginious garden will be fine.

I am shocked that bush was voted in, it is a terrible
tragedy for the USA, but then again it is they who
voted him in.

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