12 Mar 2005

Swinging into the year

Swinging into the year
It's been a busy time, and Jan and I put in two lovely sash
windows in the kitchen, at the same time Tron was having surgery
on his nose, the surgery went well and now Tron
will have to do more physical exercise, he spends most of
his time in front of his pc, and I'm concerned about weightgain
and his heart.

Jessica is in matric and she's waitressing at a restaurant nearby,
she's doing her own thing, and after all the "preaching" has been done,
I'm shutting my trap and allowing her to get on with it.
(she left the bakkie's lights on last night, parked under the tree,
outside the property), now I have to find someone to jumpstart it.

A lot of travelling plans have been made for this year and
I'm dreading it. I better start preparing myself for the
inevitability of being me..haha.

I've managed to take care of a "fell out of nest in palmtree
pigeon baby" for 5 weeks now, weaning it from
a syringe to eating porridge and corn mixed in a cup.
Duifie, the pigeon has made a few short flights and I
set it free, but it came back to my hand, 3 hours later,
so I knew Duifie was not ready to join one of the many
flocks around the garden and area. (Ella cat, has been
licking her licks, with Duifie living under the cockatiels
in the drawer.*it smells, so I'm moving Duifie outside
to the gardencage.

Tomorrow I'm taking Tron shopping at Canalwalk on his 12th
birthday. I'm taking my broken graphics card in as well.
This afternoon I'm working on a brochure for Huis Nemesia,
and it should take some time.

The weather in Cape Town is fineand dry, and autumn can be
felt early mornings and evenings. I can't wait for the first rains !

I tidied the garden under the balcony, trimmed the lavender bushes,
the large yellow hanging bush, and now there is a broad path around
the house again. (the piles of cuttings are lying in large piles around
the area)

The pool ladder broke completely last weekend, and the pool
is slimy, haha, nooh but close to.

Pecca the chicken hen has layed a massive nest of eggs near
the birdcage in the garden, and I better go harvest it soon
- today even.

The yellow roses are beautiful and are arranged in two vases,
one here in the study and one next to my bed.

All three my sisters came to visit and sleep over last
weekend on my 38th birthday, it was great fun, with
children everywhere and a little puppy who pissed in my
bedroom, shat on the stoep and in Jessica's room and
chased my chickens. We braaied chicken and steak, served
it with chips and salad. Lucia stepped on a chewed dog bone,
and limped home.

Jane gave me a piece of art called "peas in a pod",
a lovely blue green pod piece !

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