1 Mar 2006

Nurturers thoughts

I've been stringing beads and making jewelry, and
reading several old science fiction classics and
new titles.(ringworld - larry niven and the naked god by
peter f hamilton)

Laika my siberian husky friend is almost one year old now,
and we've settled into a comfortable routine, especially
playing soccer in the mornings and playing with the
long rubber snake, called slang.

Jes is enjoying it at cityvarsity and she says she fit's
right in with the other Motion Picture Production Design
students. (thank god, that's one happy lovely child well
raised and off to her own life)

Tron got braces, and has grown quite a bit, he is stronger
than me now and show all the signs of teenage moodiness.

There has been quite a bit of electricity blackouts
around cape town, and the absolute darkness terrified
me late one evening.

( the thought that the absolute darkness was so dark
that it was alien weather) ha ha ha

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