27 Nov 2006

Relaxing at home

The Reader
Reading Titan by Stephen Baxter, and I'm enjoying the characters, very realistic, the way they're irritating each other
on the long voyage to Titan.
Today I did a few mundane tasks, I washed the towels Tron and I stained when we dyed our hair yesterday, he dyed his hair
black and I tried for blonde but it came out yellowish lol. I watered the garden, since the south easter has been blowing
hard, drying out the soil quickly. I designed several necklaces and chokers, using turquoise, emeralds, howlite and some
lovely other glass beads. I skinned and cubed a sweetmelon, two pineapples and two mangoes and put them in the fridge for
snacking on. I played 'snake' with Laika (a siberian husky-female), which means we struggle for control of the large rubber
snake (her favourite toy besides the soccer ball)

I'm moving old cd's to my ipod player, and I'm building a city in an old pc game called Cleopatra (which I've played many
times, but it's still good yet)

Listened to Rodriques ( a famous counterculture musician ) and to some Joe Satriani - he tells stories by guitar melody, quite

I look forward to the next few years-especially the innovation we should be seeing in tech. I'm not much for clinging to the past,
the future is what I'm pining for in advance.

Last week a friend I met up with at a local pub, told me about the mature cape cobra snake she found in the lodge, of course, we
don't kill snakes, we relocate them, but the cape cobra is very poisonous (neuro toxic), it is snake season around here (when
the farmers get busy, the snakes come down to town - hehe), so I've been very alert when moving around the garden, last year
I encountered 3 cobra's in my garden (it always put's me off the garden for a few weeks).

There is not a more beautiful colour than the crisp deep blue african summer sky, eat your heart out !

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