10 Jan 2007

Moving In

Wormhole: Moving in
Comfortably moved into our new home, except for the boxes of books stacked like sentinels in the
diningroom. I am sorting the +-2500 titles alphabetically, by author- and this is important since
I've read so much, I have to check my library before I visit the bookstore, I have bought doubles
on occasion and want to avoid this in the future.

At the moment I'm reading Chistopher Priest's "Inverted World", I read it many years ago,
but I'll go through it again.

I'm nervous about the current stack of books by my bed table, I've been putting some of them off
for a while now - China Mieville's Perdido Street Station, Charles Stross's Accelerando, Robert Collins's
Soul Corporation, Justina Robson's Keeping it real, John Brunner's Stand on Zanzibar, Romanitas by Sophia
Mcdougall and Kim Stanley Robinson's Fifty Degrees Below. I've made a deal with myself that I will first
finish these titles before I get my next stack. (when my stack get's below 10 books, I panic)

Laika (sib husky) and Ella (gingercat)have taken to the new home, we have two gentlemen living next door with
poodles (they're quite the little barkers - to hear Laika howling back at them).

Massive rain spiders scare me and I've been scanning for the buggers relentlessly, damn there's always something
sapping my alert levels. The last thing I want is to have to run through a shower door from fright.

I'm playing Oblivion, I'm an archer with restoration and stealth skills, will have to focus on my destruction
spells to get rid of the walking dead though.

I miss Poul Anderson and work by Brian Aldiss, lovingly sorted their titles - my little preciouses.

The pool pump master switch is broken, my car's alarm system is broken, and my man's in Kazakhstan, what a girl
must struggle with when her man is crafting his ass off on another planet.

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