18 Nov 2007

some thougtful reading

Land of the Headless by Adam Roberts.

Set in a future where IslamBibliq, is the religious
government that governs all.

Strict laws are applied in this society, the
story is narrated by a man who was sentenced
to headlessness because he protected the
morality of the women he was having an
affair with - big no-no.

The sentence is:
headlessness - the head is lopped off and replaced
with a square bin to which technology can be
added if the headless can afford it.

So the headless are like the lepers of old, walking
around with metalbins for heads, they are
recruited into the army, where they are used
as cannonfodder to clear the ground for troops
with heads.

The narration is somewhat philosophical and intellectual
and brings to the fore the question: which punishment
fits which crime.

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