17 Jan 2009

Marrow by Robert Reed

Marrow by Robert Reed

Marrow is the one recent (current decade) science fiction book I would recommend to new readers of science fiction. I read Marrow in 2001 and again in 2005.

I can imagine how confusing it must be for sf-n00bs when they have to make choices about what to read from a variety of superb authors, none of which they've read before.

If you want a kickstart, a rollercoaster ride into the amazing and totally awesome world of science fiction, read Marrow by Robert Reed.

This highly intelligent novel will introduce you to a variety of current topics and concepts in science fiction.

Blow your mind wide open by the scope and magnitude of the concepts, ideas, and incredible wit and visions from Robert Reed in Marrow.

Once you have read Marrow you will be left with a yearning for more.
Highly recommended and with highest honours, this is a rare book.

From the backflap of the book:

The ship is home to a thousand alien races and a near-immortal crew who have no knowledge of its origins or purpose. At its core lies a secret as ancient as the universe.

It is about to be unleashed.

Marrow by Robert ReedMarrow by Robert Reed

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Afront said...

I really enjoyed Marrow too - it's one of the very books I actually bothered to leave a review on Amazon for. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars and said:

If you've read, say, Greg Egan's "Diaspora", you'll be able to get to grips with the timescales involved in this excellent novel. Being immortal has been done to death (ahem); here it is merely a means to race the plot along at an impressive pace. For example, at one point a scout ship crashlands on the newly discovered "Marrow". After the crew piece themselves together (or more accurately, GROW themselves back again), they stroll off towards base camp, arriving there four years later. This minor distraction takes all of a few pages to describe!

I loved the idea of hundreds of (sometimes snooty) captains managing the ship, and the civilisation of mechanics ("Remoras") living on the hull. Most of the alien races are distinct and interesting; I particularly liked the race that get offended unless you're as impolite as possible to them.

While the human relationship threads are neatly concluded, there ARE several unanswered questions at the end. Or perhaps "unconfirmed" is more appropriate...

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