23 Oct 2004

bicycle accident

Tron and JJ went up the hill with their mountainbikes and raced
down the dirt road, Tron hit a hole and went crashing down with
his head first. He was unconscious for a while and then JJ turned
back and got him up. He regained consciousness and tried to call
me on his cell, but couldn't work his cell correctly, so they walked

He arrived home in a terrible state, the left hand side of his face
was all grazed away and several places all over his body too.
He was in shock, and could not function normally. He was taken
the doctor and had his wounds treated and received medication
for shock and concussion.

It's a few hours later, and Tron is fine, his memory is returning, but
he still can't remember falling off his bike.

His head and body hurts, but he'll be fine.

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