8 Oct 2004

incapable lifeform

like the old philosophers
we sit around thinking
our heart beats ununified

unknowingly we strangle
the strange creative
confirming laws
long of no use

we yearn for freedom
and it dwells in our heads
in our bodies, the universe
yet we grasp it not

laughter echos hollow
through the spirals of time
tears evaporate
as if they never existed

whilst we sit and think
atoms move, matter expands
our mind and time
withering senile

in our petty consciousness
our nano moment of life
we achieve nothing
our purpose null

aah, but still, to live
is a marvel unsurpassed
an explosion of brilliance
so very bright

the textures of life
mutating in varience
anything is possible
we are frozen, astonished
disabled to alternate dimensions

understanding glimmering faintly
that no one thing stands alone
and that around here
all is one

delightful universe

poem by myself
*Vyg Fynbos 1998

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